A series of works in which we ask questions about aging in capitalist societies. Who has the energy to live a so-called third life; who will even make it? What does desire in old age look like? Whose aging are we talking about?

The original version, titled 'Hopeakulttuuri', was made for YLE (Finnish Broadcasting Company) in January, 2020.

In March, 2020, a video version was created for an online event curated by Shawné Michelain Holloway at DGTL FMNSM, Berlin.

An update was commissioned by Frame Finland in May, 2021, under the title 'Silver Epoch'. It features additional comments from curator Gemma Medina Estupiñán and a more accessible, plain English transcript by Celia Brightwell.

Listen below, follow the script here.


Music & sound design for a choreography by Anna Torkkel.

Performances at Kiasma theatre, Helsinki, and Kutomo, Turku.

Image: Laura Naukkarinen


'Silver Medal' is a site-specific installation for ANTI Festival, Kuopio, November 2020. Please see the info HERE.

The installation is a collection of artworks made by artists and non-artists alike. The work revolves around health, class, family, and beauty. While in Kuopio, we also gave a course on art & sound at the university of applied sciences.


[one day, this will become a list of past works]